UV / RGB solutions

Diode lasers for holography & lithography

TOPTICA's high-power single-frequency diode lasers are ideal coherent laser sources for a multitude of demanding applications, including lithography, optics test & inspection and holography. These lasers pave the way to manufacture high-quality optics for Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) or Mixed Reality (MR). For example, ultra-precise optical gratings are easily produced with these laser systems to fabricate hologram projections or holographic safety features.

The laser systems offer an unprecedented output power and frequency stability. They outperform commonly used gas lasers in terms of wall-plug efficiency, footprint, lifetime and costs of consumables. In addition, diode laser systems are not restricted to a discrete number of wavelengths, but are available at a broad variety of wavelengths and can even provide spectral tunability over several nanometers. These features of ultraviolet lasers (UV) and red, green, blue (RGB) diode lasers open up a wide range of new techniques and simplify established methods in various applications.

  • Watt-class output power
  • UV and VIS wavelengths (optional wavelength tuning)
  • High coherence: > 100 m coherence length (< 1 MHz linewidth)
  • Robust and reliable (optional frequency stabilization)
  • Low cost of ownership

  • TopMode, TA-SHG & TopWave
  • DLC TA SHG pro
  • DLC TA FHG pro
  • TopMode
  • TopWave 266
  • iBeam smart WS

 WavelengthsMax. output power
DLC TA-SHG pro*365 nm, 390 nm, 405 nm, 560 nm, 633 nm1000 mW***
DLC TA-SHG pro with tuning option*445 … 470 nm**
520 … 535 nm**
640 … 660 nm**
500 mW***
DLC TA-FHG pro*193 nm, 213 nm, 244 nm, 257 nm, 266 nm300 mW***
TopMode405 nm, 633 nm100 mW***
TopWave 266266 nm300 mW
iBeam smart WS633 nm, 638 nm, 685 nm, 785 nm, 852nm120 mW***
*Absolute wavelength-stabilization option
**Typ. tuning range 10 nm
***Dependent on selected central wavelength