FemtoFiber ultra 1050

Powerful 1 µm femtosecond fiber laser

  • Ultrafast fiber laser @ 1050 nm
  • > 5 W or > 10 W average power, < typ. 90-100 fs pulse duration
  • SAM mode locking, PM fiber based MOPA system
  • Robust, reliable, compact, cost-effective, push-button
  • Air cooled system, < 150 W power consumption
  • Motorized dispersion compensation (range -20000 to 0 fs²) for group delay dispersion (GDD) adjustment

  • FemtoFiber ultra
  • FemtoFiber ultra
  • FemtoFiber ultra

The FemtoFiber ultra 1050 is part of TOPTICA's third generation of ultrafast fiber lasers. The system delivers laser pulses of 90 - 100 fs in duration at a central wavelength of 1050 nm. Using a power amplifier the system provides more than 5 W average output power. It is a compact femtosecond laser system with turnkey operation and cost-effective design.

TOPTICA Photonics ultrafast FemtoFiber ultra 1050 lasers offer wavelengths at 1050 nm, which are ideal for common Dyes like mCherry, Propidium Iodide, tdTomato, EYFP, DsRed, mRFP or mOrange for 2-Photon Microscopy.