iChrome CLE-50

Versatile Four-Color Laser Combiner

  • 405, 488, 561, 640 nm with > 50 mW each
  • COOLAC automatic alignment
  • Completely integrated in one unit
  • AOM/AOTF free all diode design
  • Complete off for all wavelength

TOPTICA's iChrome CLE-50 is a versatile mid-power level laser engine that combines four laser lines in one compact unit. All integrated colors are provided via one polarization-maintaining single-mode fiber. It is available with 405, 488, 561 and 640 nm and up to 50 mW guaranteed output power after the fiber for each laser line. The system guarantees a plug & play installation by TOPTICA's proprietary COOLAC automatic alignment technology.

The iChrome CLE-50 is designed and optimized for many different microscopy techniques. Modulation behavior is thoroughly tested at TOPTICA, to guarantee best performance for scanning and modulated applications. With its 50mW power level, the unit is also a very good fit for many non-scanning applications, like light-sheet microscopy (also known as SPIM), TIRF, spinning disk and many other applications.

COOLAC gives the laser combiner plug-and-play simplicity. Installation is done after a simple click of a button in the user software. 561 nm laser light is generated by TOPTICA´s proprietary FDDL (Frequency Doubled Diode Laser) technology, an all diode approach for this relevant wavelength. Each laser line, including the 561nm FDDL, is directly modulated up to a frequency of 1 MHz and TOPTICA's "Complete OFF" mechanism guarantees zero photons in the "off"-state.