Overview of TOPTICA´s Lock Solutions

The table below shows a summary of lock solutions discussed in this series of application notes and of TOPTICA laser locking electronics that can be used to realize these locks. The first column lists the different types of locking schemes that are discussed in this series of application notes. The second column gives typical application examples for each locking scheme. The third column lists TOPTICA devices which are designed to generate an error signal for individual locking schemes while the fourth column suggests the corresponding TOPTICA PID controller.

Overview of locks discussed in this article and TOPTICA components necessary to set up these locks.

 ApplicationError Signal GenerationController
Spectroscopy LockLaser coolingCoSy / DLC pro LockDLC pro Lock
Cavity LockLinewidth reductionPDH/DLC proFALC pro
Phase Lock to LaserPhase stable Raman pairFALC proFALC pro
Phase Lock to CombLong term stable lasersDFC CORE +
FALC pro
Wavelengths MeterDrift compensationHighFinesse
Wvelength Meter
PC Software