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Effective April 1, 2022, Dr. Reto Häring has been appointed Senior VP of Research and Development at TOPTICA Photonics AG taking over the helm of a scientific and engineering division of currently 95 people.

Previously, Dr. Häring (51) was Vice President of Customer Solutions at Instrument Systems GmbH, a leading technology company for light measurement engineering and industrial quality assurance for displays, LEDs, and other light sources. He initially earned his doctor’s degree in the field of femtosecond laser development and optical semiconductor components at the Institute for Quantum Electronics at ETH Zurich, working with Professor Ursula Keller.

Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders, President and Founder of TOPTICA, is excited to welcome Dr. Reto Häring back to the company in this key position, as Dr. Häring worked as key scientist for TOPTICA already from 2003 until 2010. “Reto is a very experienced manager with profound technical knowledge in the fields of optics, lasers, and measurement engineering. He is able to bring together customer needs, commercial aspects, and the team in order to create a successful solution. For us and our customers in science and industry, this is the ideal constellation,” says Dr. Kaenders.

Joining a market and technology leader

TOPTICA, over the last nearly 25 years, has become a technological leader in the field of photonics and has consistently implemented this into industrial quality products. The company is market leader for laser systems in scientific and industrial applications addressing quantum engineering, biophotonics, and microscopy, as well as laser-based industrial measurement solutions. With subsidiaries in Germany, the US, Japan, and China, TOPTICA has gained access to global technologies and markets over the past years.

For Dr. Häring, this was a key criterion for his decision to rejoin TOPTICA. “TOPTICA builds lasers with extremely high precision for the most challenging applications. I find it very exciting that I will be able to help shaping this development in the future,” says the 51-year-old. “Continued innovation and expansion of technology and portfolio will ensure our position as a trend setter in industrial and scientific laser engineering,” explains Dr. Häring.

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