193 nm sub-mW

Scientific system for cw laser radiation at 193 nm

  • CW output < 1 mW, single-frequency output @ 193 nm
  • Short-term linewidth < 1 MHz, coherence length > 150 m
  • Passive frequency stability: < 400 MHz/K
  • Active frequency stabilization to MHz levels possible
  • Coarse tuning range up to 5 nm with severe alignment

We have demonstrated our outstanding cw deep-UV (DUV, i.e. wavelengths below 205 nm) capabilities in several research prototypes and scientific publications. Our general technology portfolio to achieve UV wavelengths is based on two times resonantly frequency-doubling of an amplified external cavity diode laser (TA-FHG pro).

In order to realize DUV wavelengths, we incorporate a unique non-linear optical crystal. So far, research prototypes with reduced operating time before alignment are available for sale and have been successfully used by individual customers. These lasers can be used in scientific environments or for research tasks if regular alignment by trained personnel is possible. More rigid setups are being constructed and higher specified output powers are targeted.

Feel free to contact and challenge us with your specific requirements and long-term plans.