FemtoFiber ultra 780

Femtosecond fiber laser for two-photon lithography and semiconductor metrology

  • Powering the fastest 2-photon lithography on the market
  • Super-compact cold laser head
  • Fully software controllable system
  • Optional internal AOM

In nanolithography applications and semiconductor microanalysis, resolution and stability are key to generate exceptional results.
TOPTICA's industrial-grade, compact, turn-key, and robust fiber-laser technology provides highest intrinsic stability and allows for deep integration of the light source into your equipment. The excellent spatial beam profile guarantees unmatched focusability and resolution, enabling you to unlock the true potential of your application. Sufficient power, short pulses, and an extremely clean temporal pulse shape combined with options for dispersion compensation and power control make the FemtoFiber ultra 780 the ideal choice for next generation 2-photon polymerization and semiconductor analysis.

2-Photon Polymerization

2-Photon Polymerization | Copyright Nanoscribe

Semiconductor Inspection

Semiconductor Inspection