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FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.5

Compact, pigtailed Er fiber laser

  • 6.5 meter fiber delivery option (standard)
  • Single-mode, polarization-maintaining
  • Dispersion compensation  integrated in laser head
  • Short pulses (typ. 45 fs) at fiber output
  • FC/APC connectors on external fibers, detachable

The FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.5 provides excellent pulse characteristics after several meters output fiber (default 6.5 meters). This option allows replacing complex beam delivery setups by flexible and convenient optical fiber solutions. The FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.5 provides a laser ideally suited for time-domain THz applications. Further applications benefiting from the most stable, compact and cost-effective FemtoFErb 1560 FD6.5 are e.g. medical applications like endoscopy, metrology systems or optical inspection systems where a flexible beam delivery is required.

  • FemtoFErb 1560-FD6.5