FemtoFiber customized

Tailored Laser Systems for Specific Applications

TOPTICA’s femtosecond fiber laser systems support a multitude of exciting applications ranging from time-resolved microscopy and spectroscopy to sophisticated pump-probe measurements like ASOPS (Asynchronous Optical Sampling), CARS (Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy), or SRS (Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy).

To meet the broad range of requirements, the FemtoFiber product line is designed with maximum flexibility and compatibility, which enables the design of complex systems and highly customized solutions.The key behind TOPTICA’s fiber laser technology is the possibility to link different laser amplifiers to a common master oscillator. The optical parameters of each amplifier can be entirely customized regarding wavelength, spectral width, pulse duration, output power, and repetition rate. With that tailored, phase-locked femtosecond laser pulse trains can be generated that are synchronized to one another with attosecond precision.

TOPTICA has now expanded its capabilities by introducing a dedicated department for highly customized solutions that provides tailored fiber laser systems for novel applications in ultrafast optics.

A representative selection of unique laser solutions for a variety of applications are shown below. The applications range from terahertz generation in cryostats for low temperature experiments, to modified lasers for high-end fluorescence lifetime imaging, to sophisticated multi-arm solutions for time-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy.

Modular Design

The modular concept of the FemtoFiber technology provides the basis for a large variety of laser configurations that cover the electromagnetic spectrum from the visible (390 nm) to the terahertz spectral range (0.1 THz). In combination with the ability to seed several amplifiers with a common master oscillator, highly customized solutions and multi-arm configurations can easily be engineered that are tailored to any specific application.

    The FemtoFiber Customized Master Oscillator

    The core of each customized fiber laser is a multifunctional master oscillator based on SAM passive mode-lock technology. The patented oscillator design offers multiple seed ports for subsequent power amplification and routinely features repetition rate modification and active repetition rate control. This makes the oscillator the ideal choice for e.g. sophisticated measurement modes like ASOPS / ECOPS or frequency comb technology.

      Benefits of one oscillator for several amplifiers

      • Alignment free combination of different FemtoFiber lasers
      • Intrinsic optical synchronization in time and phase
      • Wide wavelength coverage (390 nm - 3000 µm)
      • Each seed-port can be equipped with an in-fiber delay line (500 ps)
      • Repetition rate control and picker electronic modules available
      • Cost effective and compact
      • Robust and reliable design
      • Push-button solution

      FemtoFiber CARSUltracompact laser system for label-free nonlinear microscopy (CARS / SRS)
      FemtoFiber FluoLifeTunable pulsed fiber laser for fluorescence lifetime microscopy
      FemtoFiber Terahertz FreezeFiber-coupled laser system for terahertz spectroscopy in cryostats
      FemtoFiber OPOUltrafast fiber laser tailored for pumping OPAs / OPOs @ 1050 nm
      FemtoFiber Terahertz Pump-ProbeLaser system for time-resolved terahertz time-domain spectroscopy
      FemtoFiber Quantum MicroscopyLaser system combination for time-resolved pump-probe experiments