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FemtoFiber customized

Flexible laser systems for specific applications

TOPTICA’s femtosecond fiber lasers support a multitude of demanding applications. They can be combined to enable complex setups and dedicated solutions. Especially the FemtoFiber ultra and pro product lines are designed with a maximum flexibility and highest compatibility. The different models can be linked to each other to generate synchronized pulse trains of phase-locked femtosecond laser pulses with attosecond precision.

Each product line has individual models that fulfill the technical requirements of the specific applications. Those can be for example broad wavelength tuning ranges, variable spectral widths, high output power or adjustable pulse duration. This possibility to create modular solutions with synchronized femtosecond fiber lasers is a key element for many applications like time-resolved microscopy and spectroscopy and other sophisticated pump-probe measurements like ASOPS (asynchronous optical sampling), CARS (Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy) or SRS (Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy).

More details and a few examplary systems for specific applications are listed below.

FemtoFiber CARSFlexible and modular solution for CARS and SRS applications
FemtoFiber FluoLifeSpecialized laser for fluorescence lifetime imaging and single-molecule spectroscopy / microscopy
FemtoFiber Terahertz FreezeFiber-coupled terahertz system for ultracold experiments
FemtoFiber Quantum MicroscopyLaser system combination for time-resolved pump-probe setups like ASOPS