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  • Executive Board

    Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders

    Vorstand Technologie / Member of Executive Board (CTO)

    Being infected by Cold Atom Physics as a PhD student at the Institute of Quantum Optics in Hannover, and being part of the technology of Prof. Hänsch's group at the Max-Planck-Institute in Garching, Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders started a successful business activity with tunable diode laser technology. "Frequency Division" in the early days and "Frequency Combing" today, have started the Passion of Precision and are still the driving force in TOPTICA's extended scientific product range on its way to mature markets. As cofounder of TOPTICA, he serves together with Dr. Thomas Renner and Dr. Thomas Weber as "Vorstand".

    Dr. Thomas Renner

    Vorstand / Member of Executive Board (CSO)

    Thomas Renner has a background in ultrashort laser development and applications in physical chemistry (PhD, University of Munich). He has earned his first commercial merits at Baasel Lasertech, where he started 1995 as group leader for pulsed YAG lasers in R & D. He was later promoted to the head of the Innovation and Marketing department and developed various markets for the laser micro processing department of Rofin/Baasel Lasertech. Dr. Thomas Renner joined TOPTICA in 2005 and has since then left his strong mark in TOPTICA's market approach. He is responsible for the worldwide sales, marketing and product management of TOPTICA.

    Dr. Thomas Weber

    Vorstand / Member of Executive Board (COO/CFO)

    Dr. Thomas Weber started his career under Prof. Herbert Walther using LIDAR technology for environmental measurements before he proceeded with his PhD in high-resolution molecular spectroscopy at TU Munich. After being hired as developing physicist at TECHNOLAS GmbH in 1991 his management skills became quickly obvious resulting in finally becoming CEO of the TECHNOLAS spin-off TuiLaser AG. In 1998 he started TOPTICA Photonics AG as one of the cofounders in a combined management and technical role. Dr. Thomas Weber has built up the optical data storage and subsequently the industrial laser activities at TOPTICA and guides the company together with Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders and Dr. Thomas Renner as "Vorstand".

  • Management

    Mark Tolbert

    President Toptica Photonics Inc.

    With a strong engineering and management background from the University of Rochester, Mark has a degree in Physics and received his MBA from the Simon School of Business. Mark started his career in plastic optics as Director of Sales and Marketing with Germanow-Simon Corporation. His management interests and skills, brought him then to a leading position first within Burleigh and then with EXFO, where he held the position of Director of Business Development, with particular emphasis on the scientific product lines and international business. At EXFO Burleigh Instruments Mark developed various OEM and R&D markets for the automation, nano-technology and biophotonics markets. Mark Tolbert joined the TOPTICA group in 2006.

    Dr. Patrick Leisching

    Vice President Research & Development

    With his roots in ultrashort laser physics at Technical University Munich (Profs. Zinth, Kaiser), PhD in the THz group of Prof. Kurz at RWTH Aachen, first PostDoc position in Paris at the Ecole Polytechnique (Prof. Flytzanis) and developing fiber lasers at Max-Born-Institute Berlin (Prof. Elsässer), Dr. Patrick Leisching has gained his industrial experience as research scientist, project leader and department head in the telecommunication industry with Siemens and later also at Nokia Siemens Networks. Dr. Patrick Leisching joined TOPTICA in March 2010 and he is the driving force for our technology development spanning the full width of the TOPTICA product spectrum.

    Dr. Mathias Schindler

    Vice President Production & Logistics

    Dr. Mathias Schindler earned his Diploma and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the RWTH Aachen where he worked on THz spectroscopy with Prof. Kurz, on the deposition of high-k thin films with Prof. Waser and on the development of new bioelectronics sensors with Prof. Offenhäuser at Forschungszentrum Jülich. He started his professional career at Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH developing packaging technologies for electrical and optical components as process engineer. In 2013, Dr. Mathias Schindler became Head of the Electronic Manufacturing department of this world-renowned supplier of high-end measurement equipment. He joined TOPTICA in 2016 with the challenge to guide the company to a new level of volume manufacturing competency, introducing state-of-the art production planning tools and processes.

  • Sales

    Dr. Jürgen Stuhler

    Senior Director Quantum Technologies

    Phone +49 89 85837 116
    juergen.stuhler (at)

    With the experience and reputation of being a part of the research community for more than 12 years (> 25 reviewed articles), first in Konstanz and then in Firenze and finally at the lecturer level in Stuttgart as atom optics group leader with Prof. T. Pfau, Stuttgart, Dr. Jürgen Stuhler has the background needed to consult and assist not only with the selection of the right laser for your experiment, but also to take a look at the greater picture.

    Dr. Manfred Karlowatz

    Senior Director Sales

    Phone +49 89 85837 114
    manfred.karlowatz (at)

    With his deep knowledge in laser applications, analytical instrumentation and spectroscopy Dr. Manfred Karlowatz is a perfect fit for TOPTICA’s sales team. He received his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the Georgia Institute of Technology followed by positions in sales and sales management for TuiLaser AG and later Coherent GmbH. Having joined TOPTICA as OEM sales manager in 2008, Manfred adds profound knowledge and expertise for industrial business to our team.

    Guy Almog

    Sales Manager Scientific Germany (postal code area 7,8,9) Southern Europe and Israel

    Phone +49 89 85837 101
    guy.almog (at)

    Guy Almog studied physics with a focus on quantum optics at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. In his master’s thesis, he investigated Doppler-free absorption spectroscopy on mercury atoms using a frequency-doubled diode laser at 254 nm. The experiment was carried out in collaboration with TOPTICA Photonics at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics. In 2015, he started working for TOPTICA Photonics as Regional Distribution Manager and changed his role to Sales Manager Scientific in 2017.

    Dr. Jan Schäfer

    Sales Manager Scientific Germany (postal code area 0), Austria, Switzerland, Baltic States and Russia

    Phone +49 89 85837 187
    jan.schaefer (at)

    He obtained his PhD in physics from the University of Erlangen / Max Planck Institute of Light. During his university career, Jan Schäfer has performed experimental research on quantum dot micro lasers and ion trapping using different kinds of lasers, e.g. TOPTICA TA-SHG, a frequency doubled tapered amplified tunable diode laser. He is a profound expert in laser physics and laser applications.

    Dr. Magdalena Zawadzki

    Sales Manager Scientific Germany (postal code area 4, 5, 6), Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands

    Phone: +49 89 85837 139
    magdalena.zawadzki (at)

    Dr. Andreas Isemann

    Senior Sales Manager Scientific Germany (postal code area 1, 2, 3), Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Poland, Sweden

    Phone +49 89 85837 0
    andreas.isemann (at)

    Dr. Günther Lermann

    Senior Sales Manager OEM

    Phone + 49 6071 922 513
    guenther.lermann (at) 

    After a PhD in Raman-Spectroscopy on semiconductor nanostructures at University of Wuerzburg in 1997 he gained experience in a broad range of scientific and industrial laser applications ranging from material processing to quantum optics in different sales positions at Coherent. During 3 years with Excelitas Technologies he strongly focused on OEM business based on individually developed, customized solutions including the LED light source, driving electronics, optics and packaging mainly for the medical market. Joining TOPTICA as a sales manager in 2014 he is now concentrating on fiber and diode laser based technology as the ideal solution for highly demanding scientific laser applications.

    Matthias Peters

    Senior Sales Manager OEM

    Phone +49 89 85837 195
    matthias.peters (at)

    Matthias Peters has a strong background in lasers and instrumentation. In 1991 he started his career at Optilas GmbH as service technician and was soon promoted to service manager. After five years he changed to sales at Optilas, where he was responsible for the OEM business of lasers and optoelectronics. During two years at Leica Microsystems, he acquired in-depth understanding of microscopes and components for industrial applications, before he became European Account Manager at Sony Europe Ltd. At TOPTICA he brings in his profound expertise in industrial business. He is responsible for OEM sales with focus on Europe including all industrial diode lasers as well as ultrafast fiber lasers.

    Dr. Holger Stupp

    Senior Sales Manager OEM

    Phone +49 89 85837 262
    holger.stupp (at) 

    Dr. Holger Stupp obtained his PhD from the University of Basel for research in the field of time-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy during laser irradiation. For more than 17 years he worked for Laser 2000 GmbH, where he started as a sales and marketing engineer for lasers before he got promoted as group leader and later business unit director of the photonics division. Furthermore he was international sales director and head of the laser systems and customized solutions division. At TOPTICA he uses his experience and competence for OEM business development with focus on applications in industrial measurement, microscopy and biophotonics.

    Jochen Weber

    Regional Distribution Manager China and North America

    Phone +49 89 85837 161 (at) 

    Andrea Skorubski

    Regional Distribution Manager Australia, Singapore, Korea,Taiwan, Africa, India, Rest of Asia,
    South-America and Mideast (Kuwait, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Lebanon)

    Phone +49 89 85837 157
    andrea.skorubski (at)

    Florian Löffler

    Regional Distribution Manager Europe, Israel and Japan

    Phone +49 89 85837 158
    florian.loeffler [at]

    Katharina Varich

    Team Assistant Sales

    Phone +49 89 85837 176
    Katharina.varich (at)

    Andrea Zöphel

    Team Assistant Sales

    Phone +49 89 85837 176
    andrea.zoephel (at)

  • Sales North America

    Rajasundaram Rajasekaran

    Western Sales and Application Manager

    Phone +1 585-657-6663 1318
    raja [at]

    Raja has an in-depth understanding of various laser applications such as Laser cooling and trapping, Bose-Einstein Condensation, Spectroscopy, Semiconductor Metrology and Interferometry.  Working most recently as Product Marketing Specialist for the New Focus Tunable Laser group, Raja worked closely with the scientific market. This experience combined with knowledge on the Tunable Lasers enabled him to successfully create customer relationships and expanding his knowledge on different applications.Raja’s focus will be remaining close to our important scientific customers as well as our expanding industrial markets on the West Coast, while at the same time expanding TOPTICA’s presence in North America.

    Bob Stevenson

    Commercial Sales Manager – East

    Phone +1 585 657-6663-1329
    robert.stevenson [at]

    Lincoln Connor

    Western Regional Sales and Application Manager

    Phone +1 585 657-6663-1334
    lincoln.connor [at]

    Alois Wiesboeck

    Eastern Regional Sales and Application Manager

    Phone +1 585 657-6663-1328
    alois.wiesboeck [at]

    Erik McKee

    Government Accounts Representative

    Phone +1 585-657-6663 1327
    erik.mckee [at]

    Lisa Gray

    Inside Sales Supervisor

    Phone +1 585 657-6663-1315
    lisa.gray [at]

    Tom Tongue

    VP of Sales and Marketing

    Phone +1 585 657-6663-1324

    tom.tongue [at]

    Tom brings over 20 years of entrepreneurial and business leadership experience, previously working for X-ray Optical Systems, a Danaher Company. He also co-founded and served as the CEO of Zomega Terahertz Corporation from 2005 to 2015. At TOPTICA, Tom oversees the North American sales and marketing team, drives strategic growth, and builds market share in quantum technologies, biophotonics, holography, ultrafast fiber lasers and terahertz. He holds an M.S. in Physics from New Mexico Tech and an M.B.A. from the Lally School of Business at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

  • Sales Japan

    Takayuki Sekine

    Vice President and Scientific Sales

    Phone +81 42 306 9906
    takayuki.sekine [at]

    Taro Saito

    President and OEM Sales

    Phone +81 42 306 9906
    taro.saito [at]

    Wakako Kina

    Scientific Sales

    Phone +81 42 306 9906
    wakako.kina [at]

  • Product Management

    Dr. Anselm Deninger

    Product Manager THz (Director)

    Responsibilities: THz systems, DFB lasers, TopMode
    Phone +49 89 85837 0

    Anselm Deninger received a PhD degree in physics from the University of Mainz, having investigated the applications of spin-polarized 3Helium gas to functional magnetic-resonance imaging of human lungs. Subsequently, he worked as Visiting Scientist in a pharmaceutical company in Malmö, Sweden. Since 2001, he has been with TOPTICA Photonics, working initially in laser R&D before being appointed as Product Manager in 2005. Over the past decade, Anselm Deninger has helped establish TOPTICA’s successful line of frequency-domain and time-domain terahertz systems. Collaborating closely with some of the leading terahertz research institutes throughout Germany, he authored or co-authored 15 publications on terahertz research, and wrote a book chapter on photomixing technologies. When traveling around the world, he enjoys getting to know and keeping in touch with members of the international terahertz community.

    Dr. Stephan Falke

    Product Manager Scientific Diode Lasers

    Responsibilities: DL pro, DLC pro, MDL pro
    Phone +49 89 85837 0

    Stephan Falke received a PhD degree in physics from the University of Hannover for his high-resolution laser spectroscopy, supervised by Prof. Tiemann: Results included unprecedented precision of the transition frequencies and coupling strength of the D1 and D2 lines as well as the scattering length of potassium. He then switched to laser cooled atoms and worked on quantum degenerate gases of K and Rb in the group of Prof. Arlt and Prof. Ertmer in Hannover and photo-association of Rb and Cs in the group of Prof. DeMille at Yale University, Connecticut, USA. He returned to Germany to work on the strontium lattice clock of the German national metrology institute PTB for five years with PD Dr. Lisdat. After contributing to several published frequency measurements and the best correction term for the black body radiation shift to date, he joined TOPTICA Photonics in 2014. He helped to establish the DLC pro as state-of-the art laser controller. In addition, he enjoys managing the well-established DL pro.

    Dr. Rudolf Neuhaus

    Product Manager Scientific Diode Lasers

    Responsibilities: CTL, TA pro, BoosTA, BoosTA pro
    Phone +49 89 85837 0

    Rudolf earned his Diploma and PhD in physics from the Technical University of Dortmund. His research topics were numerical simulations of fast glass processes (diploma) and optically detected NMR and other optical spectroscopy techniques on rare earths in crystals (in Dortmund) and NV centers in diamond (at the ANU in Canberra). After a short post-Doc at the Washington University in St. Louis he joined the TOPTICA Photonics R&D department in 2001. Since 2005 he has been Product Manager for various tunable diode laser systems and amplified tunable diode laser systems. Rudolf is an expert in tunable diode lasers, laser stabilization and control electronics. He took great part in defining the requirements of the continuously tunable diode lasers (CTL) and the DLC pro controller and its user interfaces. His work now focuses on CTL and amplified diode lasers (TA pro, BoosTA) and their applications.

    Harald Rossmeier

    Product Manager OEM Diode Lasers

    Responsibilities: iBeam smart, XTRA, TopWave
    Phone +49 89 85837 0

    Harald Rossmeier received his engineering degree in physics from Munich University of Applied Sciences (Diploma thesis: Development of a frequency-doubled diode-pumped solid-state laser for projection applications). In 1999 he started with TOPTICA Photonics as an OEM applications and R&D engineer for scientific diode lasers and soon thereafter took on the responsibility as a Project Manager for the single-mode industrial diode laser series. He was appointed product manager for the OEM diode laser line in 2005. In early 2011 Harry moved to the USA to support and develop the growing OEM sector in North America. Together with the team of TOPTICA's US subsidiary he enjoyed working closely with many key players in biophotonics and semicon in the role as OEM Applications Manager. Since his return to TOPTICA's Munich headquarter in 2014, Harry resumed the position of Product Manager OEM Diode Lasers, with focus on the iBeam smart series and the industrial UV laser TopWave 266 product lines.

    Konstantin Birngruber

    Product Manager OEM Diode Lasers

    Responsibility: iChrome xLE
    Phone +49 89 85837 0 

    Konstantin Birngruber received his diploma engineering degree in physics from the Munich University of Applied Sciences (Diploma thesis: New approaches for extending lifetime in Excimer lasers). Subsequently, he started as R&D engineer for Excimer lasers at TUI LASER in 1997, contributing to a new generation of small Excimer lasers with outstanding stability and gas lifetime. Since 1998, he has been appointed as Product Manager and later as head of Product Management for medical Excimer lasers at TUI LASER. From 2005 on, he acted as Segment Manager for Medical Excimer lasers at Coherent Inc. In 2011 Konstantin Birngruber joined TOPTICA Photonics AG at his role of Product Manager OEM Diode Lasers, where he contributed to establish TOPTICA's successful line of iChrome multi-laser engines.

    Dr. Ulrich Eismann

    Product Manager NLO

    Responsibility: Frequency-Converted Lasers
    Phone +49 89 85837 0

    Ulrich Eismann pursued his diploma thesis on atom interferometry in the group of Prof. Achim Peters at Humboldt University of Berlin. After a joint R&D project with PTB at APE GmbH, he joined the group of Christophe Salomon at LKB in Paris where he worked on strongly interacting quantum matter and related laser development to obtain his PhD. As postdoc, he studied 2D quantum gases in the group of Prof. Cheng Chin (University of Chicago) and strontium optical-lattice clocks in the group of Dr. Sébastian Bize (Observatoire de Paris). Since 2014, Ulrich Eismann is product manager for frequency-converted diode lasers at TOPTICA Photonics AG. He introduced the digital controller DLC pro for these systems, and established the novel SUV technology.

    Bernhard Wolfring

    Product Manager Ultrafast OEM

    Responsibilities: FemtoFiber smart, FemtoFiber ultra
    Phone +49 89 85837 0

    Bernhard Wolfring received a diploma degree in physics from the University of Munich, having investigated the usability of semiconductor lasers for Lithium and Rubidium cooling traps at Prof. Hänsch’s group. Subsequently, he started to work on diode lasers as R&D engineer at TUI LASER in 1997. Since 1998, he has been with TOPTICA Photonics, working initially in laser R&D before being appointed as Product Manager in 2005. Over the past decades, Bernhard Wolfring has been involved in various projects, including the optical data storage reference systems over more than 10 years. He finally switched to ultrafast fiber laser business in 2008 and helped to establish TOPTICA’s successful line of FemtoFiber pro and smart systems.

    Dr. Max Eisele

    Product Manager Scientific Ultrafast Fiber Laser

    Responsibilities: FemtoFiber pro, FemtoFiber dichro
    Phone +49 89 85837 0


    Dr. Felix Rohde

    Product Manager Frequency Combs & Laser Reference

    Responsibility: Frequency combs
    Phone +49 89 85837 0

    Felix Rohde got enthusiastic about quantum technologies at the Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics working on optical high finesse cavities with Prof. G. Rempe. Subsequently, he joined ICFO in Barcelona and received a PhD studying quantum networking with remote ion traps in the group of Prof. J. Eschner. Afterwards, he worked for two years as R&D project manager in a plasmonic biosensor start-up. Felix became part of the TOPTICA family through a joint development project on frequency combs with the group of H. Telle at the German national standard institute (PTB) in Braunschweig where he developed an optical synthesizer and evaluated the commercial potential of technology related to optical frequency combs. Since 2014 he is Product Manager for Laser Reference and helped establish TOPTICA’s difference frequency comb (DFC) product line.

    Dr. Dan Christensen

    Product Manager Isolators

    Responsibility: TOPO
    Phone +1 585.657.6663
    dan.christensen [at]

    Dan has had broad experience in laser applications, optical technologies, sales, and business development while at TOPTICA. He received his PhD from the University of Rochester, The Institute of Optics while developing novel laser scanning microscopy techniques at the University of Rochester Medical Center. In addition, he brings with him many years of hands-on experience in experimental biophotonics and atomic physics applications. He has previously led the OEM applications and sales efforts for TOPTICA in North America, and is now Product Manager for optical isolators based at the Victor, NY/USA facility.

  • Application Specialists

    Katja Dutzi

    Application Specialist Terahertz

    katja.dutzi [at]

    Phone +49 89 85837 257

    Dr. Stephan Ritter

    Application Specialist Quantum Technologies

    stephan.ritter [at]

    Phone +49 89 85837 217

    Stephan started into the quantum optics world at Hamburg University where he developed a compact and efficient laser for experiments with ultracold Ca atoms. Subsequently, he introduced the capability to detect single atoms employing cavity QED to the study of Bose-Einstein condensates and worked on phase transitions and cavity optomechanics, earning him a PhD degree in physics from ETH Zurich. He then joined the Max-Planck-Institute of Quantum Optics to develop single atoms in high-finesse optical resonators into universal quantum network nodes. During his time as a group leader, the team realized the nondestructive detection of single photons, atom-based quantum memories and quantum logic gates, and an elementary quantum network. Since 2017 Stephan is TOPTICA’s Application Specialist for Quantum Technologies, applying his decade-long experience in fundamental research to enable quantum technologies based on TOPTICA‘s unique portfolio.

    Matt Cich

    Frequency Comb Scientist

    Phone +1 585-657-6663-1330
    matt.cich [at]


  • Service

    Dr. Harald Ellmann

    Director Service

    service (at)

    Harald earned his Ph.D. at Stockholm University where he helped to set up Sweden's first laser cooling experiment in order to study cooling dynamics in cesium optical lattices, during which time he gained profound experience in building lasers and their associated electronics. Having joined TOPTICA in 2003 he formed the nucleus of the service department and is now responsible for enabling the global service structure to keep pace with TOPTICA's growth while maintaining the high level of technical competence and responsiveness within the service organization that our customers have grown accustomed to.

    Dr. Kerstin Kunze

    Senior Service Engineer

    service (at)

    Dr. Christian Braun

    Senior Service Engineer

    service (at)

    Marinus Kundinger

    Service Engineer

    service (at)

    Carsten Winter

    Service Engineer

    service (at)

    Dr. Chris Haimberger

    Service USA

    Phone +1 585-657-6663
    service [at]

    Dr. Alec Cheney

    Field Service USA

    Phone +1 585 657-6663-1335
    alec.cheney [at]

    Walter Hurlbut

    Laser Development Scientist USA

    Phone +1 585 657-6663-1336
    walter.hurlbut [at]

    Naoki Yukihira

    Service / Sales Japan

    Phone +81 042 306 9906
    service [at]

  • Marketing

    Jan Brubacher

    Director Marketing

    Phone: +49 89 85837 123
    jan.brubacher (at)

    Jan Brubacher heads the marketing and communications department at TOPTICA Photonics AG. In this role, he has the responsibility for the global presence of all companies using the TOPTICA brand. He work with his team to ensure market presence and strategy leading all inspiration, coordination and organization efforts. Jan is an experienced and practically oriented marketing expert with long experience in laser and optical communications.

    Anika Skorna

    Graphic and Communication Designer

    Phone: +49 89 85837 206
    anika.skorna (at)

  • Human Resources

    Natalja Klenk

    Director Human Resources

    personal (at)

    Sebastian Pfeifer

    HR Manager

    personal (at)