TOPTICA Presents Advanced FemtoFiber Ultra Series

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TOPTICA, a global leader in laser technology, is proud to introduce the FemtoFiber ultra series, the next generation of femtosecond fiber lasers designed specifically for multi-photon microscopy, two-photon lithography and semiconductor inspection.

Leveraging over two decades of experience in developing OEM-class fiber lasers, TOPTICA has created a turnkey, fully integrated and optimized laser system that delivers superior performance and reliability for the most demanding scientific and industrial applications in biotech and semicon industry.

The FemtoFiber ultra series offers unparalleled precision and consistency, delivering high average power, exceptional temporal and spatial beam quality, and femtosecond pulses in a compact, rugged package. Designed to withstand the rigors of advanced imaging and microfabrication, this industrial-grade light engine is ideal for high-end applications. Its seamless operation and low cost of ownership make it a versatile solution that enables researchers and manufacturers to explore new frontiers in multiphoton microscopy and semiconductor inspection.

"TOPTICA's commitment to quality and innovation is exemplified by the FemtoFiber ultra series," said Luisa Hofmann, Product Manager Biophotonics & Materials. "We designed these lasers to meet the evolving needs of our customers, providing them with powerful tools that deliver consistent results while minimizing downtime and costs, available with 780, 920, and 1050 nm".

Key highlights of the FemtoFiber Ultra Series include

  • optimized for multi-photon microscopy and two-photon lithography: Watt-level power with integrated dispersion pre-compensation (GDD) and power control (AOM).
  • turnkey and fully integrated: Plug&play installation and OEM-integratability via remote control.
  • industrial-grade reliability: Robust construction ensures consistent, high-quality output with minimal maintenance.
  • low cost of ownership: Robust fiber laser technology ensures longelivity, low power consumption and reduced maintenance.

The FemtoFiber Ultra Series demonstrates TOPTICA's unwavering commitment to excellence and provides a cutting-edge laser solution for a rapidly evolving field. For more information, please visit the FemtoFiber ultra series product page here: