FemtoFiber Laser ソリューション


 15年以上にわたるフェムト秒ファイバーレーザーの技術開発経験と、卓越した設計ノウハウをベースに量子技術、バイオフォトニクス、固体物理学の分野で最先端の研究を可能にする革新的なカスタムメイドのレーザーソリューションを提供します。


New Partner for TOPTICA

TOPTICA Appoints AceXon as Exclusive Sales and Service Partner for Singapore
TOPTICA Photonics AG, a global leader in laser photonics, proudly announces the signing of an exclusive partnership with AceXon Technologies Pte Ltd, a premier sales and technical service provider based in Singapore.

ALS-IR Fiber Laser Up to 130 Watt

Single frequency CW for your power hungry application...

Advanced quantum technology applications require high performance and high power light sources. From gravitational wave detection to quantum computing.

TOPTICA Presents Advanced FemtoFiber Ultra Series

The Perfect Ultrafast Laser Solution for Multi-Photon Microscopy, Two-Photon Lithography and Semiconductor Inspection.

TOPTICA, a global leader in laser technology, is proud to present the FemtoFiber ultra series, the next generation of femtosecond fiber lasers designed specifically for…

Spectroscopy and Sensing Applications with smart CW Mid-IR Laser

Advancing Spectroscopy and Sensing Applications with TOPTICA's TOPO smart CW Mid-IR Laser.

In the fast-changing scientific landscape, the need for precise, efficient, and cost-effective spectroscopic tools is increasingly critical. The TOPO smart, a continuous wave (CW) mid-infrared (mid-IR) laser,…

New Frequency Comb Can Identify Molecules in 20-Nanosecond Snapshots

Laser-based system now has the ability to capture moment-to-moment details of high-speed processes such as hypersonic propulsion and protein folding.

A new frequency comb setup can capture the moment-by-moment details of carbon dioxide gas escaping from a nozzle at supersonic speeds in an…

Of Lightsabers and Quantum Beer...

Review of last week: The past few days have been filled with celebrations, insights and shared moments that exemplify our commitment to unity, passion and innovation.

The week started with a bang as we celebrated our 25th anniversary. With more than 430 esteemed guests in attendance, it was an…


これら製品は、研究用途、バイオフォトニクス、産業用光計測や量子技術のアプリケーションにて使用されています。TOPTICA社はレーザー市場における最も広範な波長190nm – 0.1THz(波長3mmに相当)をカバーし、またエキゾチックな波長においても高出力のシステムをご提供しております。