ALS-IR Fiber Laser Up to 130 Watt

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The image depicts a high-power infrared fiber laser amplifier from TOPTICA. The device has a sleek, black, rack-mounted design with a prominent digital display on the front panel. The display shows output power (45.00 W) and current (8.50 A). The unit features a large knob, ventilation grills, and an input/output connection port on the front side.

ALS-IR Single frequency CW Fiber Lasers & Amplifiers for your power hungry application

Single Frequency CW for Your Power Hungry Application

Advanced quantum technology applications require high performance and high power light sources. From gravitational wave detection to quantum computing.

The ALS-IR series is a range of lasers and amplifiers based on innovative fiber technology and represents a real breakthrough on the laser market especially over solid-state technologies. It combines the most stringent fiber laser specifications: high power, single mode, single frequency, ultra-low noise, to enable the most demanding applications.


  • Fundamental Quantum Technology
  • Applied Quantum Technology
  • High performance instrumentation based on interferometry
    like gravitational wave detection systems for example.
  • High brightness laser pumping

The image depicts a graph illustrating the Relative Intensity Noise (RIN) in dB/Hz as a function of frequency in Hz. The graph compares two different states: "IR Free Running" shown in red, and "IR ANRS" shown in black.

Our products show ultra-low intensity noise compared to other laser technologies. As an option, we propose the ANRS (Active Noise Reduction System) that allows an intensity noise reduction of >15 dB the low frequencies.

Key Features ALS-IR series:

  • High power up to 130 W @ 1028 .. 1070 nm
  • Active noise reduction system
  • Turnkey, maintenance free, industrial-grade systems

The unique all-fibered architecture and the absence of complex cooling systems allows for reliability, robustness, and efficient integration in industrial or academic setups.

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