Diode Lasers for Raman Microscopy

Ultra Stable Narrow Line Lasers for Raman Applications by TOPTICA

When talking about quality assurance and process control, one of the most powerful tools is µ-Raman spectroscopy. Researchers benefit from this fast, precise and powerful method to trace back unwanted particles or examine the constitution of specimen. To achieve best results in high resolution Raman spectroscopy, the applied laser needs to excel in several areas:

  • Narrow laser linewidth for highest resolution of the Raman spectrum,
  • High power for sufficient signal-to-noise ratio and high scanning speeds
  • Diffraction-limited beam quality for superb spatial resolution
  • High central wavelength stability

TOPTICA's offer

TOPTICA’s diode lasers are well known to meet these requirements. Currently TOPTICA offers lasers optimized for Raman applications in the UV (325 nm, 375 nm) as well as blue (e.g. 405 nm) and red (640 nm, 785 nm) wavelength regimes. TOPTICA can exploit its vast knowledge in high power external cavity principle (TA pro, BoosTA pro), DFB diode (dfBeam) technology or wavelength stabilized diodes in order to offer such a broad portfolio to our customers. All of our Raman lasers share compact form factor, integrated thermal control and convenient computer access via RS 232 interface, thus are perfect for OEM integration. For convenient handling, all lasers can be equipped with SM-fiber-coupling, with record powers of 250 mW of ultra narrow laser light at 785 nm ex fiber.