DL 100

The grandfather of tunable diode lasers

  • Economic, tunable cw diode laser
  • Widest wavelength selection: 370 nm .. 1770 nm
  • Output powers up to 300 mW
  • Modular design with hands-on set-up
  • DL 100 has been discontinued and superseded by DL pro and CTL

The first product of the newly founded company TuiOptics/TOPTICA was an external cavity diode laser by the name DL 100. The design was strongly inspired by the leading atomic physics laboratories in Munich and Hannover.

Its appeal was based on the fact that the laser design allowed the use of standard and consumer laser diodes that could easily be swapped out by the user. The DL 100 as the workhorse especially for the atomic physics lab dominated the scientific market for about 20 years and was only gradually substituted by the TOPTICA DL pro design which serves today as the quasi standard for the advanced atomic physics lab. In total about 2000 DL 100 lasers were sold.