Frequency-comb-stabilized laser system

  • Rack-mounted
  • Complete, stabilized laser systems
  • Up to 8 cw-outputs between 420 - 2200 nm
  • One central software
  • Transportable

TOPTICA's offset-free frequency comb DFC (Difference Frequency Comb) and tunable cw diode lasers (DL pro) can be combined into easy-to-use laser systems delivering frequency-stable cw-output at any wavelength between 420 nm and 2200 nm. A complete laser system contains a DFC CORE, wavelength extensions (DFC EXT), cw diode lasers (DL pro), beat units (DFC BC, DFC MD), all necessary stabilization electronics, a wavelength meter (High Finesse), RF-reference, counter, spectrum analyzer, control server (PC) and user software.

All these components can now be integrated into a single transportable 19-inch rack. The standard system comes with two frequency stable cw-outputs and all required accessories. The control software runs on an integrated PC acting as server, it can be operated remotely using the client GUI. The laser frequencies can be set manually within the comb extension and DL pro bandwidth and are displayed live by the software.