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Laser Diodes

Specify your wavelength – TOPTICA can provide it

TOPTICA offers a large variety of wavelength-selected single-mode laser diodes. Among more standard laser diodes you will also find "rarities", i.e. diodes with output wavelengths that only TOPTICA provides. The diodes can be purchased separately. In addition TOPTICA can integrate any diode from the stock lists into a tunable diode laser system: Fabry-Perot or AR-coated laser diodes may be integrated into a diode laser systems, DFB/DBR laser diodes into a DFB pro and Tapered Amplifier into an TA system.

Each type of diode is carefully tested in an external cavity laser configuration with respect to coarse tuning range, mode-hop-free tuning range and power limits. The results are disclosed on request to the customer in a detailed datasheet. In case you can still not match your wavelength of choice, contact TOPTICA – and chances are very high that we can provide it within very short time.


Fabry-Perot Laser Diodes
(369 nm – 1080 nm)


AR-coated Laser Diodes
(400 nm – 1770 nm)