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High-Power, Single-Frequency Diode Laser

  • Typical linewidth <10 MHz
  • Ideal source for Raman applications
  • Up to 500mW @ 785nm
  • Fiber coupling available
  • ASE suppression > 40dB

The XTRA II provides three top features from one single unit: Gaussian beam profile, single-frequency operation and high output power. Incoherent ASE is suppressed by more than 40 dB, turning the XTRA II into the ideal choice for demanding Raman applications depending on a high signal-to-noise ratio. The integration of a high quality optical isolator as a standard feature ensures long term rock solid performance of the XTRA II.

  • Specifications
    Wavelength785 nm
    Power (free-beam)Up to 500 mW
    Long term power drift (10 h)< 5 %
    Spectral linewidth (typ.)< 10 MHz
    Spatial modeTEM00, M² < 1.7
    ASE suppression (typ.)> 40 dB
    Long term frequency drift (10 h)< 1 cm-1 / 30 GHz
    Optical isolation35 dB / 60 dB (optional)
    Beam diameter (typical @ 1/e²)2.2 mm
    Divergence (typical)< 1 mrad
    Fiber coupling efficiency (typ.)50%
    Focusability< 1 µm (depending on optics)
    PolarizationTypical 500:1, linear, 45° clockwise with respect to base plate
    Operating voltage90 - 260 VAC
    Operating ambient temperature range15..35 °C
    Dimensions laser head (L x W x H)270 x 122 x 85 mm³
    Dimensions power supply (L x W x H)175.1 x 179 x 69.5 mm³
  • Additional Information
  • Options

    Fiber Option – FiberDock XTRA II
    To provide full flexibility for OEM integrators, single-mode fiber-coupling is available on demand. Contrary to competing multimode lasers, the XTRA II achieves 250 mW output from a single-mode or even polarization-maintaining fiber. The fiber add-on consists of TOPTICA's patented FiberDock and an additional 35 dB optical isolator. Thus, highest coupling efficiency combined with best wavelength stability is guaranteed.


    Fiber output collimator – FiberOut
    Some applications demand a fiber-coupled laser and beam collimation at the end of a fiber. To provide a comprehensive solution, the FiberOut turns the divergent beam at the fiber end into a collimated beam again (0.5 mm - 4 mm @ 1/e² CA: 4.8 mm). FC/APC connectors are standard, others can be accommodated.

  • Applications
    • Raman microscopy / spectroscopy
    • Chemical process control
    • Optical probing
    • Laser tweezer
    • Drug screening
    • High resolution raman microscopy
    • An XTRA laser source for raman spectroscopy
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