FemtoFiber pro UCP

Ultrashort-Pulse Fiber Laser

  • Broadband fiber laser @ 980-1400 nm  
  • Shortest pulses < 25 fs for a fiber laser source
  • SAM mode locking, PM fiber based MOPA system
  • Pulse duration / power optimization with two compressors
  • Robust and reliable design, push-button operation

The FemtoFiber pro UCP is the first model of the extended version of TOPTICA's FemtoFiber pro series. It comprises a very robust master-oscillator with power amplifier in a very compact design. Two motorized prism compressors are implemented: One for tuning the wavelength by adjusting the frequency-domain supercontinuum characteristics and a second for compressing and optimizing the time-domain laser pulse shape. The UCP model delivers the shortest pulses for fiber laser systems currently on the market.