FemtoFiber bCARS

Laser system for broadband (bCARS), impulsive (iSRS), and standard Raman Spectroscopy (CARS/SRS)

  • Broadband coverage < 500 - > 5500 cm-1 using bCARS
  • Spectral resolution < 15 cm-1
  • Tunable CARS option covering < 1100 - > 3700 cm-1
  • Integrated time-delay and frequency modulation options
  • Simple, turn-key, and compact solution

Measurement speed, highest spectral coverage, and ease-of-use are essential for advanced CARS / SRS microscopy. Based on these requirements TOPTICA has developed the FemtoFiber bCARS system, which is an ideal laser solution for broadband CARS microscopy covering an ultrabroadband spectral range of < 500 - > 5500 cm-1. For coherent Raman excitation, the laser features an ultrabroadband laser output from 980 - 1400 nm (< 25 fs), which makes wavelength tuning obsolete, simplifies laser design, and increases measurement speed. Additional options for tunable CARS/SRS as well as short pulse options for impulsive SRS (iSRS) make this laser system the ultimate choice for your research. The turn-key and compact all-fiber design makes operation really simple and enable you to focus on your research.