Compact Saturation Spectroscopy - CoSy

Doppler Free Spectroscopy

  • Compact module for Doppler free absorption spectra
  • For laser stabilization
  • With magnetic field compensation
  • Triple filling with Rb, Cs and K
  • Enables long term stability better than 10-9

CoSy generates both purely Doppler-free and purely Doppler-broadened absorption saturation spectra, which can be fed directly to appropriate stabilization electronics. CoSy can conveniently be used for top-of-fringe stabilization with a modulation technique (bandwidth 50 kHz .. 1 MHz). The CoSy module helps the customer save time and space in his experiment. The absorption cell of the Cosy is filled with Rb, Cs and K and serves as a frequency reference for Rb, Cs and K frequencies from a single device.

  • Compact Saturation Spectroscopy
  • Specifications

    Dimension of gas cellø 26 mm x 25 mm
    FillingRb, Cs and K
    Recommended input powerCs: 0.1 .. 3 mW
    Rb: 0.5 .. 3 mW
    K: 0.5 .. 3 mW
    Gain of photo detector amplifiersAdjustable via range switch (coarse) and trim potentiometer (fine)
    Set temperature of glass cellAdjustable via trim potentiometer, range 20 ... 70 °C (no cooling below room temperature)
    Electronic outputs (BNC sockets)A: Doppler-free absorption spectrum
    B: Doppler-broadened absorption spectrum
    I: Optical input power level
    Integrated field coilAC or DC magnetic field for magnetic field compensation,magnetic flux density: range ± 70 μT
    Housing dimensionsCoSy head 80 x 80 x 114 mm3
    CoSy control 88 x 125 x 209 mm3
    Operating voltage for CoSy control100…120 V / 220 .. 240 V AC, 50 .. 60 Hz (auto detect)
  • Additional Information
  • Options

    Faster version with a bandwidth up to 5 MHz for high frequency modulation.

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