Laser Microscopy Quiz

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Laser Microscopy Quiz is a fun app, developed by employees, partners and friends of TOPTICA Photonics. You can win nothing but knowledge and the joy of the game. You do not need to buy anything.

There are 3 levels per game:

Level 1 can typically be answered by people with a general interest in Optics/Physics/Science and a sense of humor.

Level 2 can typically be answered by people who paid attention during their physics classes at university.

Level 3 can typically be answered by experts in the field of microscopy technologies.

Currently there are 180+ questions in the library. If you want to suggest your own quantum-related question, please submit it via this web form or via „Submit a question“ in this app. Do not forget the three wrong answers, they are as important as the correct one. A reference in the comments section is welcome.

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We hope you have joy playing this quiz.

Your TOPTICA team

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