iChrome FLE

Up to 7 laser lines from 405 to 785 nm

The iChrome FLE combines up to 7 laser lines with up to two optical output fibers. Its flexible setup can be tailored to meet customer’s needs. A fiber switch, fiber splitter, or a variable optical attenuator are just some of the available features.

Flexible light source for Biophotonics
to advance your research!

The latest member of the iChrome family, the iChrome FLE, is designed as a "flexible laser engine" to serve the numerous and very diverse requirements in biophotonics. Up to 7 wavelengths (between 405 and 785nm) and two fiber outputs can be integrated into the iChrome FLE. The fiber outputs can be configured separately, so that individual wavelengths (e.g. UV or IR) can be corrected separately in the application. Alternatively, a fiber switch/splitter can be installed, allowing each wavelength to be switched separately to one of the two fibers, or to distribute the power between both fibers.

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Up to 7 laser lines from 405-785 nm

COOLAC automatic alignment

One or two fiber outputs

AOM/AOTF free all diode design

Fiber switch and fiber splitter

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The "iChrome Family" – Fully Featured Multi-Color Engines for Biophotonics and Metrology

Up to 7 laser wavelength
1 or 2 output fibers
Fiber switch, fiber splitter
Optical attenuator
Automatic alignment

4 wavelength laser combiner (20 mW)
Optimized for confocal microscopy
Cost effective
Automatic alignment

4 wavelength laser combiner (50 mW)
Direct modulation, complete off
Automatic alignment
All diode technology

4 (5) wavelength laser combiner
High power up to 100mW
Up to 20 MHz modulation
Self aligning system