New publication using CTL: Absolute frequency atlas from 915 nm to 985 nm

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

High-resolution absorption spectroscopy of atoms and molecules is useful to improve models and for frequency calibration and stabilization. A continuous high-resolution measurement without any gaps or discontinuities requires widely mode-hop-free tunable lasers.

With TOPTICA's continuously tunable diode laser CTL, the absorption spectrum of iodine was recently recorded over the broad wavelength range between 915 and 985 nm. This high resolution measurement was performed in a single sweep and allows for providing an "iodine atlas" that contains almost 10,000 experimentally observed absorption lines with an uncertainty of only 50 MHz (corresponding to 0.0017 cm-1).

This result has been published in Journal of Molecular Spectroscopy in January 2018.
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