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TOPTICA Photonics很自豪能成为要求严格的生物光电应用行业世界领跑者之一。我们的产品组合涵盖了从具有直接调制功能的高端UV和VIS激光源到宽调谐范围的光纤激光器以及针对对时间分辨率要求较高应用的超快脉冲源。 TOPTICA作为生物光子学领域的客户的一站式合作伙伴提供高度专业,灵活可靠的服务。

TOPTICA supports PIX4life project to miniaturize lasers for life sciences

Miniaturized PIC multi-color laser engines for the life sciences

In February 2016 the European commission approved funding for the new project PIX4life as part of the EU’s “Photonics21” program . TOPTICA is proud to support this unique program which pledges [...] pledges € 8.5 million to a consortium of several partners from academia and industry.

The European PIX4life pilot line aims to offer an open-access manufacturing platform for photonic integrated circuits, specifically targeting life-science applications at visible wavelength ranges (400-850 nm). Chip fabrication will be done either through dedicated wafer runs, or most often by multi-project wafer (MPW) runs, where many users will be able to share wafer space, and thus the fabrication cost. PIX4life will also offer all kinds of additional services like photonic integration consultancy, circuit design, chip testing and packaging.

The first early-access MPW run by LioniX is scheduled for this summer over their TriPleX platform, and the next run by IMEC will be scheduled for this winter over their BioPIX platform.

You can check the upcoming runs in the following link:

Time-resolved microscopy and spectroscopy using asynchronously synchronized fiber lasers (2018)

Application Note 2018

Synchronized modular laser systems support time-resolved measurements, as well as complex pump-probe methods like ASOPS. The presented laser system is used to measure Kerr-rotations by inducing a precession motion of the spin magnetization in ferromagnetic materials, which in turn leads to emission of microwave radiation that rotates the polarization of temporally delayed probe pulses. This way, the temporal evolution of the spin precession motion is detected.

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