Visit TOPTICA Photonics at the Annual APS DAMOP Meeting

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

We will present our latest innovations in laser technology that enable precise measurement and experiments in Quantum Technology. Among those are Tunable Rack-mounted Lasers, Frequency Combs, Frequency-Converted Diode Lasers, and UV/RGB Diode Lasers.
Stop by our booth to learn more about our scientific systems, meet our team and find out how we can help with your application!
Tuesday-Thursday, May 28-30, 2019, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at the Wisconsin Center, Milwaukee, WI.

TOPTICA Photonics sponsors many events, conferences, coffee breaks and research awards as a way to thank our friends in the community, our partners in the markets, and our customers. As a proud sponsor of the APS 2019 Norman F. Ramsey Prize, TOPTICA would like to congratulate recipient Dr. Jun Ye from JILA, NIST/University of Colorado “For ground-breaking contributions to precision measurements and the quantum control of atomic and molecular systems, including atomic clocks.” The prize will be awarded and presented during the DAMOP annual meeting.

On Tuesday evening we will host our TOPTICA Tuesday Party starting at 5 PM. Swing by for a drink or two! The party will be held in the Harley Davidson Museum “Chrome” and “Southeast Lawn “ locations and  a shuttle bus will be making trips to and from the Wisconsin Center and the Harley Davidson Museum. Attendees will be picked up and dropped off every 10 minutes.

Play the Quantum Quiz at our booth, you will have the chance to win a Schroedinger‘s cat…. Maybe! If you have the knowledge and passion for quantum technology, we have the lasers you need!

Last, but not least: we are looking for qualified and highly motivated people to compete globally and deal with the challenges of our industry. You will have the opportunity, flexibility and ability to drive the North American Quantum initiative at TOPTICA. Stay close to science, support challenging problem solving applications and see what is happening everywhere in quantum in North America.