TOPTICA Tuesday Product Special: Laser Diodes

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

TOPTICA is a provider of fully-integrated laser systems, but also offers a large variety of wavelength-selected single-mode laser diodes between 370 nm and 1770 nm. Among them are some "rarities", i.e. diodes with output wavelengths that only TOPTICA provides. They are used for example in experiments with exotic atoms, ions or molecules or to excite dyes in microscopy.

TOPTICA inspects every single batch of their diodes regarding their optimal specifications and ideal functionality: single-mode operation, tunability, lifetime, bandwidth, modulation capability, and noise characteristics. Only those diodes that fulfill the high requirements for our state-of-the-art lasers are offered. Our weekly-updated stock lists show which diodes are currently available: Fabry-Perot diodes, AR-coated diodes, DFB/DBR diodes, or even tapered amplifiers if high laser output power is required.

If you need a laser – TOPTICA will always be your reliable partner: You can either choose a single laser diode to build the laser system around it, or you can select a ready-to-use, fully integrated laser system. These laser systems are optimized to get the best possible performance out of the laser diodes - and the user also benefits from the warranty of the built-in laser diode!

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