Schroedinger’s Cat goes to Prof. Dr. Harald Giessen, the winner of the “Grand Prize” in our Quantum Quiz contest!

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

At last week's Photonics West in San Francisco, TOPTICA Photonics showcased their impressive lineup of laser solutions for industrial metrology and quantum technology. In addition, all visitors were invited to play TOPTICA's quantum quiz at the booth. Players were challenged to answer nine questions drawn from a pool of 400 questions, covering all aspects of quantum technology. While some of the starting questions were rather entertaining, the final ones required deep quantum knowledge.

Out of many hundred players, only ten got all their answers correct. Prof. Dr. Harald Giessen from the University of Stuttgart not only got all the answers right, but did so in an impressive 49.6 seconds at his first attempt! TOPTICA congratulates Prof. Giessen for this remarkable achievement and happily provides him with the first prize, TOPTICA's very special version of Schroedinger's cat.

We would like to thank all participants for helping make the contest a success! Are you also a quantum wizard? Do you think you can do even better than this? Play the Quantum Quiz at these upcoming shows and conferences: CLEO, DAMOP, DPG Spring Meeting SAMOP & SKM, LASER World of PHOTONICS, ICOLS and DPG Fall Meeting. You have the chance to win a Schroedinger‘s cat... maybe. We are looking forward to welcoming you there. If you have the knowledge and passion for quantum technology, we have the lasers you need!

Image: Dr. Juergen Stuhler and Dr. Wilhelm Kaenders (both TOPTICA) presented the grand prize “Schroedinger’s Cat” to Prof. Dr. Harald Giessen, University of Stuttgart (from left to right)
Credits: TOPTICA Photonics