Product Feature: iChrome Series

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

TOPTICA’s iChrome series of multi-laser engines enables a variety of applications in biophotonics. These lasers address the need for multiple colors in microscopy, cytometry or DNA sequencing. They also support metrology applications like scatterometry or ellipsometry. These applications require a flexible laser source that provides different colors from one optical fiber.

The iChrome family currently consists of two different laser engines:

  • iChrome CLE
    • ultra-compact and cost-effective
    • four fixed laser lines (405, 488, 561, 640 nm)
    • 20 mW each
    • Up to 1 MHz modulation
  • iChrome MLE
    • powerful and flexible
    • 4 individual laser lines
      (405, 420, 445, 460, 473, 488, 505, 515, 532, 561, 568, 594, 640 nm)
    • Up to 100 mW per laser line
    • Up to 20 MHz modulation
    • 1 or 2 fibers (SM/PM)

TOPTICA’s fully automatic calibration technology COOLAC is included in all iChrome systems. It corrects any misalignment – caused during the laser shipment or by lab environmental changes. This keeps the lasers at top performance and guarantees highest output power levels – at only one push of a button!

The iChrome systems have more valuable features: High-speed analog and digital modulation allows fast switching of laser wavelengths in arbitrary patterns for complex experiments. "Complete off" guarantees zero photons in the off-state which increases the signal-to-noise ratio for better image quality and less photo damage. TOPTICA’s FINE (Feedback Induced Noise Eraser) reduces speckle noise on detectors and imaging systems. All features are controlled via one unified user-interface for all integrated colors (RS232, USB, Ethernet).

The iChrome systems offer all the features and the necessary flexibility to address the most challenging imaging and measurement techniques. They can be used as standalone multi-laser source or fully integrated into existing instruments. At the same time, the systems offer easy and convenient operation for beginners and experienced users as well as "no screwdriver" installation and alignment.