Application Focus: Lasers for Microscopy

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

Lasers play an invaluable role in instrumentation for biophotonics. Especially microscopy applications have a high demand for modern photonic light sources. Many TOPTICA lasers were developed with a strong focus on microscopy techniques. They fulfill the challenging requirements of these applications regarding their light properties, reliability, ease of use and longevity.

TOPTICA's portfolio includes UV, VIS and NIR laser sources, flexible multi-laser engines and pulsed fiber lasers. Here is an overview of microscopy techniques and the ideal laser sources to realize them:

Confocal Microscopy

iBeam smart, iChrome CLE


iChrome CLE, iChrome MLE, iBeam smart


iChrome MLE


iChrome MLE with dual-fiber option

Spinning Disk

iChrome MLE, iBeam smart


iChrome MLE, iBeam smart

Live-cell imaging

iChrome CLE

Raman microscopy

XTRA II, iBeam smart WS, TopMode

SHG / THG microscopy

FemtoFiber pro, FemtoFiber ultra


Combination of FemtoFiber ultra and FemtoFiber pro


FemtoFiber pro TVIS

Pulsed STED

FemtoFiber ultra