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Anamorphic Prism Pairs


  • Beam shaping for diode lasers
  • For increased fiber coupling efficiency
  • Ratio between 1:2 and 1:5 (APP J: user adjustable)
  • Aperture 8mm, no angle shift of output beam
  • Patented Design

Diode lasers usually feature an elliptical beam profile. Often, however, a circular beam shape is required, e.g. for mode-matching to an external resonator, adapting beam size to pass a small aperture of an isolator, or to obtain a supreme fiber coupling efficiency. The APP J is an adjustable anamorphic prism pair which circularizes an elliptical beam, by either expanding or compressing one of the beam axes.

  • Specifications

    Article numberWavelength [nm]Compression / magnificationTransmission (typ.)*
    APP J 390-420390 – 4202:1 – 5:195 %
    APP J 600-1100600 – 11002:1 – 5:195 %
    APP J 1100-15001100 – 15002:1 – 5:195 %

    * Please note that the APP J is designed for p-polarized light (polarization parallel to the plane of incidence), ensuring maximum transmission due to (near-) Brewster conditions on one side and a high-quality AR-coating on the other side of each prism. The housing can easily be fixed on any standard mirror mount or post (see technical drawing).

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