Linewidth Analyzer

Superb Sensitivity

Our Linewidth Analyzers are high-end optical instruments for measuring, analyzing and controlling frequency and intensity noise of laser light sources. By combining an interferometric working principle with ultra-low noise electronics, a superb sensitivity is achieved. The real-time signal output offers the option for a fast feedback loop that can be used to actively reduce the frequency noise of the laser.

Analyzing Narrow- and Broadband Lasers

The 1k models are ultimate high-end optical instruments engineered to analyze and control the frequency noise and lineshape of ultra-narrow lasers. Additionally these instruments offer the option to investigate the relative intensity noise of the laser light source with very high resolution and sensitivity.

  • 780 nm - 1020 nm  and 1530 nm - 1625 nm Measurement Range
  • Down to 10 Hz/ Noise Sensitivity
  • 350 Hz - 20 MHz Linewidth Range
  • Up to 10 MHz Noise Frequency Range

Analyzing Options

  • Frequency deviation time trace and histogram
  • Frequency noise density spectrum
  • Intensity noise spectrum
  • Laser lineshape spectrum

Evaluation Options

Effective linewidth:

  • Noise at all measured frequencies contributing to the linewidth
  • Lorentzian, Gaussian and Voigt fits for lineshape spectra

Intrinsic linewidth:

  • Level of noise floor at higher frequencies