FemtoFYb 1030-800

Sub-ps Yb amplifier seeder

  • SAM mode-locked all PM fiber setup
  • User friendly turnkey operation, alignment-free system
  • Robust and reliable, compact design
  • Optics and electronics in just one box
  • 12V DC power supply with lowest power consumption
  • Fiber coupled output

The FemtoFYb laser systems are fiber-based sub-picosecond  oscillators for seeding industrial laser systems, e.g. for micro-machining. The FemtoFYb laser pulses with excellent amplitude and frequency jitter parameters are amplified to typical multi-Watt levels in the MOPA (master oscillator, power amplifier) laser or regenerative amplifier systems of our customers. Typical amplifiers are slab, rod and disc lasers operating in the 1 µm wavelength regions.

  • FemtoFYb