FemtoFiber Terahertz Freeze

Fiber-coupled laser system for terahertz spectroscopy in cryostats

  • Two synchronized outputs: 780 nm, 8 mW, < 300 fs each
  • Pump-probe delay up to 500 ps
  • Compensation of temperature-induced dispersion changes in cryostat
  • Fast AOM for intensity modulation/ beam blanking
  • SAM mode locking, PM fiber based MOPA system
  • Stable and reliable design, push-button operation
  • Fiber-coupled output

Terahertz spectroscopy provides fundamental new insights into the characteristics and dynamics of low-energy elementary excitations, such as phonons, plasmons, or excitons. Performing such measurements at ultralow temperatures is however challenging due to power loss and beam distortion of the terahertz pulses at the cryostat window. The FemtoFiber Terahertz Freeze offers the first all-fiber solution for intra-cryostat terahertz generation and detection at 780 nm. The system is completely automated, featuring pulse modulation and blanking using an AOM, full dispersion control, and a fiber-based delay line for photoconductive or electro-optic sampling.

  • Specification

    Wavelength 780 nm each
    Laser output power 8 mW each
    Pulse duration < 300 fs each
    Repetition rate 30 MHz
    Output coupling 2x FC/APC fiber-coupled