FemtoFiber Quantum Microscopy

Multiple synchronized Pulsed Fiber Laser

  • Laser system combination for time-resolved pump-probe setups
  • Components: FemtoFiber pro TVIS & TNIR, FemtoFiber ultra 780 & 1050
  • SAM mode locking, PM fiber based MOPA system
  • Stable and reliable design, push-button operation
  • Free beam output

The FemtoFiber Quantum Microscopy is designed for time-resolved Faraday rotation of coherent spin dynamics in semiconductor nanostructures. The modular design of the fiber laser technology in combination with sophisticated electronics for Asynchronous Optical Sampling (ASOPS) provide highest flexibility in terms of laser parameters, pump-probe configurations, and data acquisition times. The system is based on a FemtoFiber ultra 1050 and a FemtoFiber ultra 780, both electronically stabilized to one another via an ASOPS system. In addition, each FemtoFiber ultra can be used as a seed for either a FemtoFiber pro TVIS or a FemtoFiber pro TNIR amplifier.