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FemtoFiber Quantum Microscopy

Multiple synchronized Pulsed Fiber Laser

  • Laser system combination for time-resolved pump-probe setups
  • Components: FemtoFiber TVIS, TNIR, ultra 780, ultra 1050
  • SAM mode locking, PM fiber based MOPA system
  • Stable and reliable design, push-button operation
  • Free beam output

Up to six individual TOPTICA fiber lasers of the FemtoFiber pro and ultra series can be synchronized using Laser Quantum’s TL-1000-ASOPS unit. For this configuration (FemtoFiber Quantum Microscopy), two FemtoFiber ultra Master/Slave systems and two FemtoFiber pro amplifier are used. The FemtoFiber ultra systems are both repetition rate controlled and ASOPS synchronized. Each can be the Master Oscillator for the FemtoFiber pro amplifier systems.

Two of these lasers are fixed-frequency high-performance fiber lasers of TOPTICA’s product line FemtoFiber ultra. They provide laser pulses at a 780 nm central wavelength with 0.5 W average power and 150 fs, respectively 1050 nm with 5 W and < 120 fs. The pulse duration can be tuned by a motorized compressor via the graphical user interface which allows compensation of the dispersion of the optical system (i. e. microscope objective). The lasers are equipped with specialized oscillators that modulate the individual repetition rate by varying the resonator lengths using piezo elements. This way they can be synchronized to one fixed repetition rate to realize ASOPS. The offset-frequency (ASOPS frequency) can be set using the ASOPS electronics unit for pulse synchronization.