FemtoFiber OPO

Ultrafast fiber laser tailored for pumping OPAs / OPOs @ 1050 nm

  • > 5 W average power
  • < 120 fs pulse duration SAM mode locking, PM fiber based MOPA system
  • Robust, compact, cost-effective, push-button
  • Exchangeable pump modules

Optical Parametric Amplifiers (OPA) and Oscillators (OPO) are ideal tools to extend the wavelength range of TOPTICAs FemtoFiber ultra 1050 laser towards the infrared wavelength region. In combination with subsequent frequency conversion, OPA and OPO can cover a large portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, making them a flexible choice for optical spectroscopy and microscopy.

  • FemtoFiber ultra

  • Specification

    Specifications FemtoFiber OPO
    Wavelength 1050 nm
    Laser output power > 5 W
    Pulse duration < 120 fs
    Repetition rate 80 MHz
    Output coupling Free space


    Specifications FemtoFiber OPO + APE Levante IR
    Wavelength tuning range 1350 - 2000 nm (Signal)
    2190 - 4600 nm (Idler)
    Laser output power

    > 1.1 W at 1500 nm (Signal)
    > 0.4 W at 2500 nm (Ilder)

    Pulse duration typ. 200 fs
    Repetition rate 80 MHz
    Output coupling Free space


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