FemtoFiber vario 1030 HP

Femtosecond fiber laser two-photon microscopy and optogenetics

  • Powerful - excite more than 200 Neurons simultaneously
  • Fully turn-key with integrated AOM and GDD
  • No noise-stress for animals thanks to fan-free passive cooling
  • Compact laser design saving valuable table space
  • Low cost of ownership using robust & reliable fiber-laser technology

If two-photon optogenetics is your research focus, the FemtoFiber vario 1030 HP is the ideal laser for your experiment. With output powers well beyond 8 W and femtosecond laser pulses of typically 250 fs, this laser provides sufficient peak power to go to the limits and to stimulate more than 200 neurons simultaneously.  In addition, our fully turn-key design featuring integrated AOM and GDD strongly simplifies your optical setup and allows you to focus on your research.
Without the need for regular maintenance or alignment TOPTICAs robust & reliable fiber laser technology significantly reduces the cost of ownership of your lasersystems. In addition, our quiet & compact laser design minimizes noise-stress to the animals while at the same time saving valuable table space.