PID 110

Versatile PID Regulator

  • Ideally suited for side-of-fringe laser stabilization
  • P, I, D parameters individually adjustable
  • Variable total gain
  • High Voltage output e.g. for driving piezos
  • Automatic ReLock feature

The PID 110 is a proportional-integral-differential regulator for frequency stabilization of tunable diode lasers (DL pro, DFB pro). It accomplishes side-of-fringe locking to the slope of an atomic line or a cavity transmission peak. The module works both for HV (piezo actuators) and LV (laser current) control tasks. Users can adjust all relevant parameters, including P, I and D contributions, set point and regulator output range.

  • Specification

    • Side-of-fringe stabilization
    • Regulator output -5  .. +150 V, max 30 mA
    • External modulation input -5 V .. +5 V
    • LV small-signal bandwidth up to 1.5 MHz
    • Gain * bandwidth product 3 MHz (for gains ≥ 2)
    • HV small-signal bandwidth > 10 kHz (current limited to 30 mA)

    Accessible Parameters

    • P, I, D -contribution of the control loop individually adjustable by precision trimmers
    • Adjustable regulator set point for side-of-fringe stabilization
    • Lock status display with 3 LEDs (search, unlock, reset)
    • Ramp/Modulation ON/OFF switch and regulation ON/OFF switch
    • Inversion of the control output with switch POS/NEG
    • On request a relock-mechanism can be activated (automatic search for the next stabilization mode) when stabilizing on external resonators, FPI´s etc., indicated by red relock-LED
    • External modulation input or internal synchronization with scan control SC 110 possible
    • Controller ON/OFF switch
    • HF-tight cassette, width 12 TE (60 mm) 

    Input / Outputs

    • SubD9 connector for actual signal in, controller output voltage
    • BNC connectors for external modulation input
    • BNC connector for buffered monitor signal, modulation, HV/100, controller output, error signal, signal in, set point
    • BNC connector for regulator output: -5...150 V, max 30 mA
  • Additional Information
  • Applications

    • Metrology
    • Cavity ring down spectroscopy
    • Resonant enhancement for frequency doubling

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