TOPTICA's Quality Policy

The economic and entrepreneurial success of TOPTICA, a company developing and producing high-technology photonics products as well as distributing them throughout the world, depends not only on technical innovation, but also – on the short and on the long term – strongly on the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers. By supplying the customers with innovative, high-quality products, we establish the basis for our company’s long-term success.

TOPTICA has therefore established the generalized quality principles:

1. Quality is a company obligation. We see quality as an absolute prerequisite for our economic success.
2. We guarantee quality through preventive measures.
3. Continuous improvements to product quality and our services will help maintain our competitive strength.
4. Only our employees can implement our quality goals. Their personal development is part of our quality plan.

More specifically, TOPTICA derives the following practical rules from the above principles:

For us, "quality" means “meeting customer requirements”. TOPTICA will achieve its goal of 100% customer satisfaction by:

• Development of long-lasting, fault-free, reliable products that meet strict quality requirement.
• Compliance with all technical specifications, requirements and commitments.
• On-time delivery
• Attractive, competitive prices
• Fast, transparent and cost-effective customer service
• Reproducibility and traceability through documentation of the production and testing process
• Continuously developing the awareness and ability of the company’s workforce

TOPTICA's quality management system was first certified in 2006, the latest reconfirmation of ISO 9001:2015 was made in January, 2021. Additionally TOPTICA’s environmental management system was first certified in December 2020. These international standards are used in numerous industries to install the continuous process of improvement and therefore improvement of product and service quality.

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Quality System Manager

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