Ultra-wide mode-hop-free tuning: CTL

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday


Mode-hop-free tuning lasers are important for applications like micro-cavities, quantum dots and component testing. A new generation of external cavity diode lasers (ECDLs) called CTL (continuously tunable laser) is ideally suited for this task. These lasers offer very wide tuning with exceptional resolution while at the same time showing narrow linewidth, lowest noise and drift.

The CTL enables quantum technology experiments that were previously not possible with ECDLs. Partly, these improved properties stem from the all-digital controller, DLC pro. It offers the lowest commercially available noise figures for diode current, piezo voltages and temperature, resulting in free-running linewidths below 10 kHz. DLC pro also has integrated frequency and power stabilization functionality and is conveniently controlled via an integrated touch/knob interface – or remotely via TCP/IP. It is also responsible for guaranteeing single-mode-operation in an active feedback loop (SMILE) and for automatically optimizing the laser cavity (FLOW) if necessary to insure hands-off operation.