Ultra-reliable OEM diode laser system celebrates 10th anniversary

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

20 years of industrial diode lasers at TOPTICA, 10 years iBeam smart, close to 5.500 units in the field, and still illuminating the scientific and industrial world – obviously, smart never gets old. In all this time the customers can rely on TOPTICA’s profound expertise and professional care, no matter whether their need is hundreds of units or just a few pieces. Customization for specific use cases has been standard procedure for the TOPTICA team.

High Performance Single Mode Diode Lasers for Maximum Performance
iBeam smarts shine strong as one of the critical components in industrial test and measurement applications as well as in numerous labs around the globe. Reliability and performance keep the iBeam smarts in metrology tools in semicon as well as in advanced experimental setups in all areas of science. The iBeam smart’s cost-effectiveness supports industrial design-to-cost as well as the tighter budgets in university research. Being plug-and-play and conveniently computer-controlled, integration and installation of iBeam smarts is simple and permits a flexible reaction to new demands and setups in the years of science to come.

More power and additional wavelengths
Driven by the ever-innovating photonics world, multiple requests for novel wavelengths and of course more power, TOPTICA has broadened its iBeam smart portfolio. A significant power upgrade up to 450 mW in the 405 - 460 nm wavelength range, extraordinary 200 mW at 647 nm and 660 nm, as well as more wavelength options in the near IR permits TOPTICA to serve even more industrial applications and research fields.

With cw or analog, digital, and mixed modulation operation, the iBeam smarts support a broad variety of applications in biophotonics, microscopy, semicon inspection, industrial manufacturing and homeland security.

Standard features:

  • COOLDC stands for a Dura Calibrated Constant Optical Output Level.
    The technology ensures a constant power without adjustments and drop-shipment capabilities as it is perfectly aligned during assembly and stays that way.
  • FINE – Feedback Induced Noise Eraser:
    Purely electronic feature, making the iBeam smart insensitive to optical feedback (no isolator, noise eater etc.)
  • SKILL – SpeckleKILLer:
    Reducing speckles by decreasing the longitudinal coherence lengths of emitted light to a minimum

For any further information please consult our web page at: www.toptica.com/smart