TOPTICA TUESDAY: Quantum Technology Applications – From research to market

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

Lasers shape the world of quantum technologies

Dr. Stephan Ritter (Director Quantum Technology Applications) and Dr. Jürgen Stuhler (Vice President Quantum Technologies)

When quantum theories were first formulated a century ago, who would have guessed how many technological developments originating from quantum physics shape the way we live and interact today? Whether we work on a computer, use our mobile phones, or get a diagnosis based on magnetic resonance imaging, the understanding of quantum mechanics is the basis for all these technologies.

In photonics, the laser and light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are prime examples, with a current market of more than $12 billion for lasers alone. Now, there are new quantum technologies on the horizon, with applications so exciting that researchers and science writers alike are proclaiming a second quantum revolution.

With a large lineup of tunable diode lasers and convenient digital control, TOPTICA Photonics provides a custom solution for quantum technologies requiring lasers: Narrow-linewidth tunable diode lasers, amplified and frequency-doubled laser systems, frequency combs, and wavelength meters enable many quantum technologies.

Parts of this article have been previously issued in “Photonics in Germany 2019,” Consult and PhotonicsViews 3/2019, WILEY-VCH.

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