TOPTICA Photonics Inc. Acquires New US Headquarters

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

2017 has been a rewarding year for TOPTICA Photonics! To celebrate the success and growth we are excited to announce the grand opening of our new U.S. corporate headquarters and state of the art manufacturing facility located in Farmington NY.

Complete with new clean-room facilities and laboratories, this expansion allows TOPTICA to continue exceeding its customers' needs with photonics and laser applications as well as deliver technology to the market with greater speed and precision. The growing Quantum Technologies, Biophotonics and Materials markets insist upon the "Passion for Precision" our lasers bring to their applications.

"Expanding another manufacturing facility ensures we can bring technology closer to the market at a faster pace" stated Mark Tolbert, CEO of TOPTICA-USA. "With TOPTICA's consistent growth over the past two decades, we are proud to support the community and to contribute to the Rochester Photonics cluster."

In addition to facility growth, there are multiple new positions in North America to further the expansion and growth.

TOPTICA wishes to thank everyone for the continued support and contribution to our success.