ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

The International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP) started on Sunday evening with a wonderful get-together in the historical building of the University of Barcelona. Attending the welcome reception (sponsored by TOPTICA), conference participants enjoyed excellent food & drinks.

During the whole week, about 900 senior scientists (including several Nobel laureates) and young talents from all over the world discuss about new scientific breakthroughs and future research plans. TOPTICA is proud to showcase live a selection of its products which are widely used in the community and contribute significantly to the scientific achievements:

- An offset-free frequency comb DFC Core+ locked to an optical reference and complete control software demonstration

- A continuously tunable diode laser DLC CTL 950 with wavelength meter showing the 70 nm modehop-free tuning range

- Two tunable diode lasers DL pro and DFB pro driven from one controller DLC pro with frequency stabilization via saturated absorption spectroscopy on rubidium and special focus is on remote control of the laser via TOPTICA’s python software developer kit.