TOPTICA at Analytica 2016

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FemtoFiber ultra - TOPTICA’s third generation femtosecond fiber lasers

Many nonlinear photonic applications require ultrashort laser pulses. Cost-effective femtosecond laser sources with compact footprint and high reliability are indispensable for emerging new industrial applications. TOPTICA’s new FemtoFiber ultra NIR fiber laser meets these expectations by delivering pulses of less than 150 fs duration at a central wavelength of 780 nm and 80 MHz repetition rate. It provides more than 500 mW output power, combined with the user-friendly turnkey operation and robustness of state-of-the-art fiber lasers. The FemtoFiber ultra NIR has a compact design and no need for water-cooling. It is the perfect ultrafast laser for applications in microscopy or microfabrication, as well as semiconductor analysis and surface inspection.

Terahertz systems with unprecedented signal-to-noise ratio

Compact laser sources and latest-generation terahertz antennas enable top-notch terahertz application in research laboratories and industrial applications. TOPTICA’s cw-terahertz spectrometer TeraScan and the time-domain platform TeraFlash both achieve a peak dynamic range of more than 90 dB. This is a world record for commercial terahertz systems. The TeraFlash provides terahertz pulses with a spectrum of more than 5 THz in bandwidth, enabling layer thickness measurements down to 20 µm. The TeraScan achieves an unmatched frequency resolution of better than 5 MHz, which enables precise spectroscopic measurements of trace gases.

Exceptional flexibility with specialized multi-laser engine

TOPTICA’s new multi-laser engine iChrome SLE integrates up to eight individual diode or DPSS laser sources customizable from 405 nm to 640 nm. Each laser is housed in a laser cartridge that can be exchanged “in the field” without shipping the multi-laser engine back to the manufacturer. This unique possibility for field-upgrades offers an outstanding flexibility for the user, combined with an automatic alignment procedure after cartridge exchange. All integrated lasers are coupled into a single-mode polarization-maintaining (SM/PM) fiber, or into an optional fiber switch with two SM/PM output fibers. The switch enables fast alternation of all colors between both fibers within less than 10 ms. TOPTICA’s iChrome SLE is an ideal light source for biophotonics applications, in particular multi-color microscopy or flow cytometry.