The Big Bell Test

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On November 30st a worldwide project will take place that uses human randomness to enable experiments which test the laws of quantum physics. The Big Bell Test is coordinated by ICFO (The Institute of Photonic Sciences) to perform several simultaneous quantum physics experiments in different laboratories around the world. These experiments need the participation of many people, who will contribute to the success by behaving as randomly as possible.

TOPTICA supports the Big Bell Test not only as provider of equipment of many of the participating groups but also as an official ambassador. That’s why we reach out to the TOPTICA world and ask everybody to participate. We share the passion for quantum physics with our customers and promise to be ready on November 30st to test its laws on a global scale.

Read more in the official press release of ICFO.

See also this video about the Big Bell Test:



The BIG Bell Test from ICFOnians on Vimeo.