Quantum Quiz App: Now more than 600 questions online

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

The new Quantum Quiz app has only been online for a few weeks and has already many dedicated fans! We have therefore included 100 new questions in the update – We don't want to bore you!

Quantum Quiz is a fun app, developed by employees, partners and friends of TOPTICA Photonics. Players can test and prove their knowledge in exciting contests with like-minded people with questions such as "What is a product of good research?" or "Who develops a quantum computer that uses photons as qubits?"

There are three levels per game: Level 1 can typically be answered by people with a general interest in Optics/Physics/Science and a sense of humor. Level 2 can typically be answered by people who paid attention during their physics classes at university. Level 3 can typically be answered by experts in the field of quantum technologies.

Currently there are 600+ questions in the library. Every player can suggest his or her own quantum-related questions. Help us to ask the right ones! Witty, clever, nerdy … anything, as long as there is a clear connection to quantum physics or quantum technologies.

Challenge the October Quantum Quiz High score
The high score table will be reset at the beginning of each month. This is also when we will add new questions to the library.The high scores of each month, information about the game and download links can be found here: www.toptica.com/quantumquiz

The TOPTICA Quantum Quiz is available now for free on the App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android.