Quantum Clocks powered by TOPTICA

ǀ  TOPTICA Tuesday

Mechanical clocks were the most accurate timekeepers for centuries achieving typical accuracies of seconds per day (10-4) and record values of seconds per year (10-7).
Modern optical atomic clocks are accurate to seconds in the age of the universe (3∙10-18) and can be compared using TOPTICA’s Difference Frequency Comb (DFC).

“We are listening closely to what our customers require”, says Dr. Thomas Renner (CSO and member of the executive board of TOPTICA). “Now that quantum technologies are transitioning from scientific labs into more industrial settings with higher integration, transportability and unified interfaces are more important than ever.”

Do you want to find out about TOPTICA’s unique quantum experience? Come and visit us at the LASER World of PHOTONICS 2019 in Munich. And for those of you who are already quantum wizards: Prove your knowledge by playing our Quantum Quiz. You have the chance to win a Schroedinger‘s cat... maybe. Let’s celebrate our common passion for quantum technologies!