Photonics are Key!


TOPTICA will display their latest laser systems for scientific and industrial applications at Photonics West in San Francisco from January 25-27, booth #1227. Dedicated laser solutions for biophotonics will be shown at the BiOS Expo January 22-23, booth #8326.

Here we present some of our highlights of this year's Photonics West. More live demos can be expected at our booth.

World leading efficiency ranging from deep UV to near infrared

TOPTICA presents TA-SHG pro and TA-FHG pro – High-power, tunable, frequency-doubled or quadrupled diode laser @ 205 .. 780 nm, up to 20 Watt. The systems now also include fully-automated push-button coupling optimization into the TA chip, the SHG cavity and the output fiber, as well as output power stabilization. They provide tunable laser radiation for spectroscopy, laser cooling, optical data storage, holography and interferometry.


FALC pro – Digitally controlled fast laser locking module

The FALC pro is the latest locking module from TOPTICA. Its high speed regulator addresses even the most demanding applications, including laser driving ultra-narrow transitions utilized in optical clocks (clock transitions) or quantum computer (optical qubits). This regulator is combined with a convenient user interface, which optimizes the feedback parameters with ease. The digital control interface of the analog regulator also enables full remote operation.
The combination of the FALC pro with the DLC pro Lock increases the convenience even more because Click & Lock as well as ReLock mechanisms are easy to setup.


19” Laser Rack Systems for Quantum Technology 2.0 Applications

Multiple product groups of tunable diode lasers and frequency combs are all offered in the new form factor. Laser wavelengths are available in the range from 330 nm to 1770 nm, some with output powers of several Watts. Whatever the application requires, TOPTICA is committed to find the optimum combination of modular systems. The T-RACK is future proof with the simple option to add new modular units and systems as needed.


TopWave 405 – Cost-efficient, gas laser replacement

The TopWave 405 is the ideal replacement for the bulky and power hungry Krypton ion (406.7nm and 413.1nm) gas lasers commonly used in lithographic and holographic applications. The TopWave 405 provides 1 W output power at 405 nm combined with an excellent beam quality. Beam diameter and M² (typ. 1.15) are designed to match the established gas laser parameters, hence allow for an easy integration without significant changes to the optical system. The noticeably higher coherence length (> 100 m) results in a clear advantage with regard to stable pattern generation in interference lithography or holography. All this at only 30% operating costs compared to a Kr+ laser (basis of calculation 3 years 24/7).


FemtoFiber vario Series – Powerful, Reliable, turn-key and fully-integrated

If 2-photon optogenetics is your research focus, the FemtoFiber vario 1030 HP is the ideal laser for your experiment. With output powers well beyond 8W and femtosecond laser pulses of typically 250fs, this laser provides sufficient peak power to go to the limits and to stimulate more than 200 neurons simultaneously.  In addition, our fully turn-key design featuring integrated AOM and GDD greatly simplifies your optical setup and allows you to focus on your research.


The FemtoFiber vario 1030 offers superior temporal and spatial beam quality, which are developed and optimized for ophthalmologic applications. Due to its industrial-grade, passively-cooled design and the detachable, compact laser head, the FemtoFiber vario 1030 is an excellent fit for OEM integrators.


WS8-10 – High End Wavelength Meter

The WS8-10 is a high-end solution for wavelength monitoring and control with an absolute accuracy of 10 MHz and a wavelength deviation sensitivity of 0.4 MHz. It perfectly combines with the photonic crystal switch, enabling multichannel operation in the spectral range of the wavelength meter. The superior photonic crystal fiber technology is necessary for the high accuracy operation of the WS8-10. The HighFinesse WS8 wavelength meter actively stabilizes the seed laser of the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile.


TOPTICA eagleyard among 2022 Prism Finalists

With the launch of the new μMOPA, which has been nominated as a finalist for the SPIE Prism Award, TOPTICA eagleyard sets a milestone in the photonics industry. The μMOPA will mainly be used in Raman spectroscopy and interferometry. Stay tuned!


Panel Discussion on Quantum Commercialization

This panel discussion – moderated by Dr, Siamak Dadras, Quantum Applications Scientist at TOPTICA Photonics Inc. – features leaders engaged in this commercialization effort from each domain of quantum technology to highlight the challenges faced in scaling industrial quantum solutions.

25 January 2022, 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM PST | Moscone North/South, Quantum Hub Stage, Hall A Lobby (Exhibit Level)


Paper: Widely tunable, Watt-class, mid-infrared frequency comb from a singly resonant, single frequency optical parametric oscillator

In person: 25 January 2022 • 11:20 AM - 11:40 AM PST | Room 160 (Upper Mezzanine South) by Adam T. Heiniger, TOPTICA Photonics, Inc.

Phase modulation of a CW laser forms an NIR OFC, which pumps a singly resonant, single frequency optical parametric oscillator (OPO). The OPO output is an MIR OFC, which is tunable between 2200 - 4000 nm with >1 W output power.

More live demos can be expected at our booth. To learn more about these or any other products that TOPTICA has to offer, we encourage you to visit our booth and challenge us with your application – at any wavelength!


We look forward to your visit! Booth 8326 (BiOS) / 1227 (PW)

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