No matter who you are or what your comb application is: DFC is the solution

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World Record CEP-Noise

20 years ago, John L. Hall (Nobel laureate together with Theodor Hänsch “for their contributions to the development of laser-based precision spectroscopy, including the optical frequency comb technique”) and coworkers published a seminal paper1, in which they first reported on the stabilization of the carrier-envelope phase of the pulses of a femtosecond mode-locked laser.

With the Difference Frequency Comb DFC, TOPTICA has taken the next step. Using difference-frequency generation (DFG), the carrier-envelope phase is now stabilized for each pulse individually with an intrinsic locking bandwidth identical to the repetition rate of 200 MHz. The result is an unprecedented low level of carrier-envelope phase noise of only 135 mrad integrated from 70 mHz to 40 MHz. The DFG process is key for achieving such high-end performance. It also delivers a new level of robustness, which allows for reliable long-term operation.

Moreover, the DFC product line offers a very user-friendly control interface and comes in a compact 19-inch format. The unique combination of these properties turn it into the ideal source for the most demanding comb applications no matter if you are a comb expert or if you are discovering the field.

1 Jones et al., Science 288, pp. 635-639 (28 Apr 2000)

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No matter who you are or what your comb application is: DFC is the solution